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5 Types of Men’s Shoes You Should Know About

A Shoe for All of Life's Occasions

Stepping into a shoe shop, it can feel as though there are thousands of different types to choose from. In reality, however, there are only a handful of different types of shoes for men.

The perfect wardrobe has one of each type. Read on to discover the five pairs you should invest in to ensure you have shoes fit for any occasion.

1. Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are worn with formal outfits and perfectly complement tuxedos, dinner suits and work blazers. You’d be expected to wear dress shoes at job interviews, in formal office settings and at formal celebrations such as weddings and funerals.

Oxfords are quintessential dress shoes and a classic of the genre. Their sleek and stylish design creates a minimalist look ideal for formal environments. They’re not as bold or bright as other shoe types, meaning that they perfectly complement classic suit colors.

Monk straps favor a wide strap instead of laces while managing to retain the formality of Oxfords. They’re the perfect pair for those wanting to stray from Oxfords without hindering their professionalism.

Loafers can be identified by their high toe-line stitching and offer a slightly more casual alternative to Oxfords and monk straps. Loafers are suitable for less formal work environments and family parties.

If boots are more your thing, a pair of Chelsea boots are a stylish choice suitable for all occasions.

Dress shoes are available in various colors, but the most popular are black, dark brown and maroon. Despite the vast selection of dress shoe options on the market, you only need a single pair - unless you're a fashionista who wants variety.

2. Running Shoes

Exercising in a pair of dress shoes is ill-advised. Firstly, it would look ridiculous, and secondly, they’re not designed to complement quick movements. Enter - running shoes.

Running shoes are great shoes for men that are suitable for all types of exercise - notably running, of course, but also cycling, weight-lifting and tennis. They’re designed for labor-intensive activity - working to limit sweating and cushion your feet as they hit the running track or tennis court.

There is a range of running shoes available - which you choose depends on what you’ll be doing and how much you’re willing to spend. Minimalist running shoes are unique in mimicking the sensation of running barefoot, which isn’t everyone’s idea of comfort. In contrast, motion-control running shoes have more foam built into the sole to prevent your feet from rolling inwards during exercise.

3. Golf Shoes

In the United States, 119 million people engaged in golf in 2022. Many of those who played will have worn a pair of golf shoes - and here’s why you should join them.

While golf shoes have been designed with one sport in mind, they need to perform many different functions. A good pair of golf shoes should reduce sweating, prevent feet from getting wet during rainy periods and provide ample cushioning to avoid your feet getting hurt. With 18 holes, your golf shoes must be fit for the occasion.

The primary consideration when buying golf shoes is whether you want a spiked or spikeless pair. Spiked shoes help anchor you to the ground, which is helpful on wet ground. However, spiked shoes need replacing more often as the spikes wear away.

4. Walking Shoes

Picture the scene. You’re walking through the forest in your smart brogues when you come across a muddy path. It’s your only way through, but if you take the path, you’ll ruin your shoes and waste time back home trying to clean them for work tomorrow. Those who own walking shoes don’t have this problem because they’ve wisely invested in a pair designed specifically for walking.

Walking shoes are fantastic shoes for men that provide comfort throughout long journeys and protect your feet in different terrains. Don’t let their practicality fool you - they’re fashionable too. There are lots of great options out there in a range of styles and colors.

5. Casual Shoes

Sometimes you need a pair of shoes for more casual moments like chilling at a friend’s house or attending a garden party. For those occasions, consider a pair of sneakers or boat shoes. As well as being fashionable choices, they’ll ensure comfort and keep you on the right side of the formality spectrum.

Sandals are the definition of casual shoes. They allow your feet to breathe and are quick to put on, making them ideal for short trips. They’re also the perfect pair for days at the beach.