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6 of the Best Walking Shoes for 2023

Putting the Style in Every Step You Take

Whether you are a seasoned hiker or looking for a new hobby, you want the market's best walking equipment. Walking shoes come in a wide range of forms, varying from heavy-duty, waterproof shoes to lightweight trail shoes.

Wearing the right shoes for the terrain and difficulty level of your hike is the surest way to have an enjoyable and comfortable walk. Keep reading to discover the best shoes available in 2023.


Several features of these walking shoes separate them from others currently available on the market. They have a double-lacing system, allowing users to adjust the shoe's fit to accommodate the hike's different phases. This makes them perfect for both trail hikes and scrambling.

These shoes were designed with user comfort in mind, from their flexible midsole to the snug tongue, which doesn’t crease or bunch, thereby preventing discomfort, such as blistering. While the AKU Rock DFS GTX is definitely at the higher end of the price range, they are ideal for experienced walkers, especially those who want to incorporate scrambling or low-grade climbing into their hikes.

2. KURU Atom Trail Shoe

With heel cushioning and built-in arch support, these walking shoes are perfect for walkers seeking a lightweight, comfortable walking shoe. The shoes utilize KURU’s signature triple-layer sole design. Each layer is customized to support a different part of the foot, providing arch support and shock absorption with each step. These features make the KURU Atom Trail Shoe ideal for hikers who experience foot or back pain.

The multi-directional tread provides excellent grip, regardless of gradient, both downhill and uphill. In addition, the mesh layers keep the wearer’s feet cool while keeping out any debris from the trail. They are a great lightweight option for those concerned about comfort and pain relief.

3. Keen Ridge Flex Hiking Shoes

These walking shoes give wearers all the benefits of walking boots without the extra weight of bulky ankle supports. Their 5mm-deep tread and waterproof membrane make them ideal for all weather and terrains.

The bellows positioned beneath the laces set the Keen Ridge Flex apart from other walking shoesKeen Ridge Flex apart from other walking shoes are the bellows positioned beneath the laces. This piece of material can extend and compress by the wearer’s movements, making the shoes more flexible and comfortable as the wearer moves up and down different gradients. As such, these shoes perform well across a wide range of terrains while remaining comfortable.

4. Adidas Terrex Swift R3 GTX

These walking shoes are designed for speed and stability on more technical hikes. They are heavy-duty shoes with a protection plate in the outsole, a robust toecap, and 4.5mm lugs. These features give the walking shoes the rigidity of an approach shoe that might not be suited to the tastes of all walkers.

With a GORE-TEX textile upper, they are both breathable and water-resistant, protecting all weather types. The Terrex Swift R3 GTXs are one of the sleeker and more stylish walking shoes, with Adidas’ signature three stripes and ten different colorways available for customers to choose from.

5. New Balance REV Lite X 880v5

Ideal for beginner hikers, these lightweight walking shoes can seamlessly transition from the trail to the high street with their sophisticated and casual style. They provide ample comfort with a foam insert and a cushioned midsole.

The Walking Strike Path technology gives these walking shoes great stability, while the synthetic upper keeps them lightweight and flexible. These walking shoes will not be ideal for more experienced hikers seeking maximum support and weather protection, however, for beginner hikers, they are a comfortable and affordable place to start.

6. Under Armour HOVR Machina Off-Road Running Shoes

These Under Armour running shoes are built for far more than just running. Purposefully designed to offer additional grip and support for off-road running, these trail shoes give users a great combination of energy return and comfort.

They feature UA Storm-treated uppers, which are designed to be water resistant while remaining breathable, and an external heel counters to provide maximum stability. Furthermore, the Mega Grip lug pattern is tailored to provide traction and stability on a range of terrains. While they lack the rigidity of some of the other shoes on this list and, therefore, cannot transition to approach shoes, these trail shoes are suitable for a range of skill levels and hike types.


Whatever your needs, the walking shoes on this list can provide great comfort, stability and protection for all your hiking adventures in 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Start walking with complete comfort and confidence in one of the many options today!