Rental Furniture

Everything You Need to Know About Rental Furniture

Find Peace of Mind with an Easy Move-In Option

Settling into a new place can be stressful enough as it is, so opting for a furniture rental could save you a lot of hassle in the beginning. From living room sets to top-of-the-range white goods, a wide variety of furniture options are available for you to rent.

Many companies offer furniture rental services, allowing their customers to style their new homes and offices without the hefty price tag upfront. This is a fantastic solution for many people, and it could really help you, too.

Whether you’re looking to furnish your new digs or want to stage your home for potential buyers, renting out furniture could be the answer you’ve been searching for. Keen to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about rental furniture.

What is Rental Furniture?

Simply put, rental furniture is the process of renting home and office furniture for a temporary period – typically on a monthly basis – from a furniture rental company. There are two main options, and those are either rent-to-return or rent-to-own.

Rent-to-return is best suited for those who need a short-term solution before purchasing their own furniture or whose living situation is temporary. Rent-to-own is better suited for those in a long-term home rental situation and would benefit from retaining their rental furniture with the option to buy at some point in the future. Rent-to-own also assists renters who can’t afford to pay the full price of an item upfront but will be able to further down the line.

How to Rent Furniture

Renting out furniture is typically on a month-to-month basis, where a contract stipulates all necessary information, including payment terms, penalties, and return policies that the company and the renter will agree to. These terms will vary depending on whether you choose the rent-to-return or rent-to-buy option.

Who Needs to Rent Furniture?

The question of who needs to rent out furniture is complex, as there are many different types of renters who would require a furniture rental for many various reasons.

There’s the digital nomad who needs furniture for a month while renting a flat downtown, the family who’s just moved from overseas, or the student who’s just got their first digs. Whatever the situation, a furniture to rent option will be right for them – and you.

The best part? It’s sustainable. And in 2022, we love that more than ever.

The Best Websites to Rent Furniture From

  1. Fernish - the best for affordable premium and luxury furniture.
  2. Brook Furniture Rental - the best for fantastic customer service and minimalist style.
  3. Aaron’s - the best for rent-to-own options and has a great variety of furniture.
  4. Feather - the best for in-the-city renters and unique pieces.
  5. CORT - the best for overall service, furniture rentals, and easy-to-understand payment models.

Costs Involved with Rental Furniture

There can be many costs involved in renting furniture, but these can all vary greatly depending on the type of furniture you choose to rent, the amount of furniture you plan to rent, and how long you intend to rent it for.

According to Forbes magazine, the average monthly furniture rental costs from 2021 were as follows:

Furniture Rental Cost

  • Living room set: $150 - $400
  • Sofa: $40 - $100
  • Loveseat: $20 - $40
  • Kitchen table: $20 - $100
  • Flat-screen TV: $50 - $200
  • Entertainment center: $250 - $500
  • Bed: $40 - $75
  • Dresser: $10 - $50
  • Bedroom set: $100 - $300

As with most rental agreements, renting furniture will cost more in comparison to purchasing your own furniture outright. However, it’s a fantastic solution for a short-term furniture fix, and it could be a really great option for you. It’s also super important to look into the quality of the furniture you want to rent, as this could increase the price considerably.

Hot tip: Look out for price incentives and bundles on your preferred rental furniture company’s website, along with perks like free assembly and delivery. These can all help to save you some cash and get your furniture woes sorted in no time!

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