travel essentials for women

The Top Travel Essentials For Women

The Must-Haves For Your Next Vacation

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to realize that you have left things behind and your makeup bag is sitting on your bathroom counter at home. This is why you need to have a detailed packing list handy while you pack.

Here are the top travel essentials for women that you need to pack when you travel.

Small Travel Purse

Along with your suitcase and other luggage, having a smaller bag you can carry on your shoulder or across your chest is highly recommended.

Is there anything more embarrassing than rummaging around your large bag, looking for your papers while a queue grows behind you? This small travel purse can store your passport, visa, other important documents and even your lip balm in a quick and easy-to-reach place.

Travel purses are also more secure as you can wear them across your chest, which makes it harder for pickpockets to get into.

Wardrobe Essentials

You should always pack some very basic and vital wardrobe essentials when traveling. These include items like socks, underwear and a jacket for when it gets cold.

If you are flying, a good idea is to pack a pair of socks, underwear and a shirt into your carry-on luggage if you spill coffee or food on your clothes. You can never be too prepared!

Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes like heels when you are traveling. However, if you're in a rush from the airport to a meeting, wear comfortable shoes while traveling and pack the heels in your luggage.

Toiletry Bag

Perhaps one of the most important travel essentials is the toiletry bag.

If you're going to be flying and are planning on taking your toilet bag on the plane, make sure that the bag is clear and all items are travel-sized. Check out your airline's rules about carry-on items or else you might have to throw out some of your items.

Here are some of our recommended items that you should always have in your toilet bag include:

  • Makeup and makeup brush.
  • Medicine.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Shampoos.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Deodorant.
  • Sanitary items.
  • Small comb.

For checked luggage, you can pack other items like hair brushes, normal-sized containers and larger items in any bag.

A good tip is to seal your bottle lids with a Ziploc bag and some tape. This prevents any chance of the bottle leaking into your bag.

Portable Charger

As a woman traveling, you want to avoid ending up in a situation where you're in a foreign country with a dead phone. Your phone can help you look for directions, call for help and even be used to translate foreign languages.

That is why packing a portable charger or backup battery pack is a must-have travel essential for women. What's great about them is that they're small enough to fit in your purse and backpack too!


This one deserves its own category because it is essential for traveling. Even if you're not going away on a beach vacation, that doesn't mean you don't need sunscreen.

You never know when you might get caught waiting outside in the sunshine for your transport or while wandering around exploring. Trust us when we say you don't want to be sporting a hot and uncomfortable sunburn on your trip.

You can use a moisturizer with some SPF in it if you don't enjoy the feel and scent of sunblock.

Pack a travel-sized bottle of sunscreen into your toiletry bag so that you're never caught without it.

Water Bottle

Traveling can be tiring at times and, coupled with dehydration, can be downright unpleasant. An essential travel item for women is a reusable water bottle.

The great thing about water bottles is that they now come in really trendy bottle designs that you can match to your outfit.

If you're flying, you can bring your reusable water bottle with you. You just have to be smart about doing this. A clever tip is to go through security with an empty bottle and fill it with water just before boarding the plane.

Water bottles can take up space; if you're only traveling with a backpack, this can become a problem. To work around limited space, you can use a collapsible water bottle. This means that when they are empty, you can fold them up and squeeze them into your bag.

Travel Adapter

If you're traveling to a different country, they may have different power sockets for you, and you won't be able to charge your devices.

We don't recommend waiting to buy it at your destination, as there is always the chance it might be unavailable. Always buy a travel adaptor before you leave, and if you can, look for a multi-adaptor so that you can charge multiple items at once.

A universal adaptor is highly recommended if you travel worldwide. Just be sure not to forget it!