A photo of a living room, showing a couch, blue chairs, and a coffee table.

11 Stores That Offer Cheap Furniture

Where to Get Cheap Furniture

If there is one thing no one mentions about becoming a homeowner, it is the daunting task of decorating your new space. While it may seem intimidating, we will let you know about where to get cheap furniture, so you can style your home on a budget.

Two great places you can find some nice, affordable furniture is Poppin and Homary; each has a wide selection of furniture perfect for updating your space.

1. Homary

Homary is an online retailer that offers both affordable furniture and products for home renovations. Shoppers love them for their easy 30-day return policy, free shipping on all orders and damage compensation program. You can find showrooms online displaying products for specific rooms you're shopping for or browse through their various categories. And don't forget to check out their sales and current deals, as there are always low prices on amazing, high-quality items for your home.

2. Poppin

Poppin is an online retailer that sells affordable furniture and office supplies. Whether you're looking to furnish your home or office, it's a great place to shop. They sell desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases and various storage solutions, in a variety of sizes and colors. Their PoppinPod collection is well known, and provides a compact workspace for individuals.

Poppin vs. Homary

Poppin and Homary are both unique in what they offer; here are some differences:

  • Poppin is a company that specializes in office supplies, furniture and accessories, while Homary is a company that offers a wide range of home décor and furniture products.
  • Poppin's products tend to be more functional and geared towards businesses and offices, while Homary's products tend to be more decorative and geared towards home décor and personal style.
  • Poppin's products are often characterized by clean, modern designs and bright colors, while Homary's products tend to be more eclectic and diverse in style.

3. Overstock

If you're looking for brand-name furniture and home décor, Overstock is a great place to find amazing deals online. They've been in business since 1999, and have earned a positive reputation. Their stock includes liquidated items from other retailers, which is why the prices are so low. They also offer a membership program, Club O, so frequent shoppers can sign up for additional deals and benefits.

Overstock offers seasonal deals, flash sales, and shopping events around holidays such as Labor Day, Black Friday, and Christmas. Their website also has a clearance section, where furniture is discounted by up to an additional 70% off.

4. Polywood

If you're looking for sustainable outdoor furniture, Polywood is one of the best places to look. Their products are made from materials diverted from landfills and the ocean, which help reduce waste and upcycle materials into beautiful pieces of furniture. Shoppers can purchase adirondack and rocking chairs, coffee tables, benches, dining sets and more. They also offer free shipping within the United States.

5. Ruggable

When cheap furniture comes to find, we think of Ruggable! They offer amazing washable rugs for life. Accidents do happen, and luckily at Ruggable, you'll find an assortment of unique rugs that you can wash if anything happens. Here's a few you can find:

  • Bath Mats.
  • Door Mats.
  • Traditional Rugs.
  • Persian Rugs.
  • Modern Rugs.
  • Vintage Rugs.
  • Kids Rugs.
  • And so much more!

6. Ikea

Budgeters and big spenders alike love Ikea. The Swedish furniture company revolutionized brilliantly designed furniture for small spaces at affordable prices. So, if you are in the market for something that won’t break the bank but will freshen up your space, head to your nearest Ikea for a one-of-a-kind experience. You’ll find cabinets as low as $179, coffee tables under $100 and a set of table and chairs for $174 on Ikea’s last-chance clearance section (although even their most popular items that aren’t on sale land around the same price point).

7. Wayfair

If you are looking for a wide range of styles and an even bigger collection of furniture and household goods, your next stop should be Wayfair. This online giant carries an endless lineup of brands for all sorts of overstocked furniture like couches, beds, dressers and outdoor seating. Right now, Wayfair’s clearance is boasting up to 50% off select furniture pieces, like comfy living room chairs, and large, name-brand sofas and up to 40% off outdoor selections. You can find furniture pieces on Wayfair’s online site that will accommodate your budget as well as higher-end items for a splurge.

8. Amazon

If you can dream it, Amazon has it, and for a low cost. For clearance furniture or overstocked furniture, you can bet that one of Amazon’s thousands of warehouses has a deal for your needs. Navigate through the vast expanse of furniture categories, like mattresses, bookcases, islands and kitchen sets, media storage and housing staples, like couches and chairs. As far as prices go, you can find a decently sized, modern sofa for under $200, a dining room table that seats up to 4 for under $100 and a nine-drawer dresser for about $115.

9. World Market

Do you have more of an eclectic taste, but you are finding your budget is restricting you from satisfying it? Try World Market. Feel like a globe-trotting collector without the high-end costs and dive into World Market’s expansive supply of home furniture at clearance prices. You’ll find Adirondack chairs for $119, quality rugs for as low as $10, large sofas for $675 and large bookshelves and media storage for around $500.

10. Kohl’s

You might have forgotten about Kohl’s, but this department store hasn’t forgotten about you. With its sprawling collection of home goods and furniture, you will have your home decorated in no time and at little-to-no cost. Kohl’s constantly offers coupons and rewards, along with free shipping for orders over $35. On their home closeout sale, you will find area rugs for half of their original price, chairs for $107, sofas for $170 and ottomans for $110.

11. Target

Posh but not pricey is exactly what you will find in Target’s vast array of furniture. Trendy styles await at affordable prices, and there is free shipping on orders over $35. You’ll discover fashionable futons for under $100, coffee tables as low as $35 and floor chair poufs for as low as $40.

Hunting for Cheap Furniture

Here’s the deal when it comes to cheap furniture: you get what you pay for. However, on the flip side, there are some hidden gems and amazing deals that will allow you to buy cost-effective yet quality pieces. You’ll need to come to terms with the fact that you probably won’t be passing down this furniture to future generations, but as long as it lasts for a few years until you can upgrade it, it will be worth its price.

A few tips for your search:

  • Check the reviews. Many stores carry various brands of furniture, so listen to what customers are saying about the product you are looking to buy.
  • Check the return policy. Each store is different. If you are unsure if a piece looks as cheap as it is, then scope out the return policy on the store’s website.
  • Look into potential warranties. For bigger investments, like beds or sectionals, you may want to see if the furniture comes with a warranty should anything happen.