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Top Online Vet Tech Schools

The Best Schooling Options for Veterinary Technicians

Want to help animals by becoming a vet? A veterinary medicine education might be a lengthy process that takes several years, but what about vet tech?

A career in the veterinary field is booming, especially vet tech. This field is projected to have a 16% growth from 2019 to 2029, which is one of the fastest compared to other occupations.

If you would like to go into the field but are lacking qualifications, it might be time for you to look into vet tech programs. And since we’re all tight on time and online schooling is all the rage, there’s nothing like online vet tech programs that can provide you with the credentials you need!

In this blog post, let’s find out more about which vet tech schools provide the best programs and what details you should know.

How to Find the Best Online Vet Tech Schools and Programs

A vet tech is someone who assists licensed veterinarians by performing some tasks which are similar to how nurses are to doctors. Because these tasks are highly specialized, you need to have the credentials to perform them.

First, always choose programs that are accredited by governing bodies such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). Also, you should look for programs with a curriculum that will prepare you to take the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE).

List of the Best Veterinary Technology Programs

The top online programs must be accredited schools with excellent curricula and benefits. Aside from that, they should be considered affordable and have acceptable student-to-faculty ratios to ensure a better learning process.

The following are some of the best veterinary technology programs that offer degrees for online veterinary nursing or veterinary technician that is accredited by AVMA.

1. Purdue University - Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology Program

As fast as vet tech schools go, the Purdue University program has been dubbed number one by due to its rich curriculum and student success. Their veterinary nursing program has a 90% success rate of VTNE for their graduates, and they have a mentoring program that will connect you with a practicing professional in your area.

Another plus point is that this program is open to international students and you will pay the same fee regardless of residence. They also give you the option of completing this degree part-time, so it will accommodate your hours if you’re already working.

Once you go to their website, you can choose whether or not to complete it in 3 years, or 6 years or make your pathway and complete the degree in your time scale.

2. San Juan College - Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology Program

San Juan provides completely asynchronous learning, which means you can pick the time you start learning. A bonus is that they are flexible in completing the credits so you can complete the whole degree within two years.

It is because the program offers a summer semester alongside the standard fall and spring semesters. If you’re already a working professional, San Juan allows you to transfer credits or test out courses so you don’t waste time. They’re also open to international students and you’ll have hands-on experience in a veterinary clinic in your area. Check out their website for more information.

3. Colby Community College - Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology Program

Colby Community College also offers a curriculum that allows you to do it asynchronously so you can go through the modules at your own pace and time. They also offer three semesters per year, so you can complete this degree in two years.

You will need to connect with your local veterinary hospitals to do the hands-on practicum, but you can ask them for support in contacting the hospitals. According to their website, their tuition fee is under $100 per credit for those who live in the state. For out-of-state and international students, the price is under $200, which is still considerably affordable.

4. St. Petersburg College - Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology Program

If you’re looking for a degree that will give you first-hand experience in the field, St. Petersburg College’s curriculum is perfect. Most of their materials are asynchronous, which means it’s very professional-friendly.

Because they emphasize building your experience more, you’ll need at least 40 hours of experience in the veterinary hospital before you apply. You will also spend most of your learning in the work environment since 20 hours of your course load will be spent in the hospital or vet every week.

It can prepare you for your career in the future and connect you with the right people. Check out their website for more information.

5. Blue Ridge Community College - Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology Program

Blue Ridge Community College’s program will suit those of you who are already working in the field. You will be required to take at least 20 hours per week in a veterinary hospital, so this is a program that rewards hands-on experience.

You can also choose between full-time study and completing it within two years or part-time and completing the course in three years.

Final Thoughts

We hope this list has given you a great starting point for your career in veterinary medicine. All the best to you; happy studying!