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Best STEM Subscriptions for Kids in 2023

Helping Kids Learn from an Early Age

If you’re looking to get your child interested in STEM early on, or simply want to aid their educational development, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover the five best STEM subscriptions for kids in the United States.

But before we dig into the best STEM toys and science kits, let’s explore exactly what STEM is and how recent engagement with it has improved the career prospects of North America’s youth.

What is STEM?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The term was introduced in 2001 in acknowledgment of the growing importance of these educational disciplines. They had been initially thought of as separate entities, but the decision to group them under one umbrella term has seen more young people engage with these areas of educational study.

The merge happened largely due to the observation that students in the US were performing very poorly in these areas when compared to their peers in other countries. The birth of STEM has seen the US creep up global performance charts, with more jobs emerging in these areas and more children having the desired skills to succeed in them.

In fact, in the arena of science, the score for elementary and secondary school students in the US has improved by 13 points since 2006, beating the OECD average.

Best STEM Subscriptions for Kids in 2023

STEM subscription boxes are packed full of games, facts and tools to develop your child’s skills and create a passion for learning. Here you’ll find the very best kits on offer in the US today.


With prices starting from just $33.95 a month, this monthly subscription STEM kit is sure to get your kids in the mood for learning. Each month, you’ll be sent a crate of interesting technological toys and scientific experiments. Expect pencil sharpeners and table lamps your child can build from scratch. The best news - KiwiCo offers different sets for different age groups and interests.

This brand is ahead of the pack when it comes to science subscription boxes. Every month, you’re guaranteed a brand new box of projects that the whole family will enjoy completing together. From electricity experiments to games about the solar system - there’s something in a KiwiCo kit for every type of kid.

Wiggle Worms

With $30 per month box pricing, Wiggle Worms is suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years old. By subscribing, you’ll receive STEM kits once a month with several fun activities to play. Because the target audience of these sets is preschoolers, you will need to help them set up and play the games (luckily, we’re confident you’ll love them just as much as your kid!).

Giving your young child a Wiggle Worms set will get them interested in STEM from an early age, as well as support their hand-eye coordination and encourage educational play. Each box includes everything you need to have fun, including links to online videos that will help you set up each hands-on activity.

This STEM subscription is perfect for children who like learning new things, having fun, and testing their capabilities.


Targeted at those aged 9 years old and over, Matter is a monthly STEM subscription service priced at $44.95 per box. In each box, your kid will find fossils and archeological tools demonstrating how fun and interesting science can be. Inside each set, there are also cards with information about each object.

We love Matter’s eco-conscious credentials. All their orders are fulfilled using recyclable or reusable packaging, are 100% carbon neutral and the parent company plants a tree for each new subscription.

Generation Genius

Generation Genius is an exciting STEM kit subscription service retailing at $39.95 per month and promising hours of fun and learning. In each box, you can expect to find links to educational videos, quizzes to test your child’s knowledge and hands-on experiments.

Beautiful Discovery

Focused on the joy of nature, the Beautiful Discovery subscription promises a STEM kit with a twist. The items in each box will help your little one to better understand the natural world and how maths and science intertwine all around us. Expect to find pinecones, feathers and seashells as your child decodes patterns.

A monthly Beautiful Discovery set starts at $35 per month, with free shipping to those living in the US. While aimed at 9 and 10-year-olds primarily, these boxes are also great for young teens who are interested in pursuing STEM careers after high school.