steam shower

What is a Steam Shower and How Does it Work?

An Excellent Way to Soak and Relax

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a busy day at work to a warming, relaxing shower. But what if we told you you could make your time in the shower even more relaxing by investing in a steam shower?

These showers are the hot new thing in bathroom design trends - for good reason.

They level up your shower experience, reduce stress, improve your skin’s health and even help reduce the amount of dampness in your bathroom.

If you’ve never heard of it or simply want to find out more about this bathroom must-have before you take the plunge (pun intended!), we’ve written a comprehensive guide to what a steam shower is, how it works and why it will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your home.

What is a Steam Shower?

Installing a steam shower is the easiest way to transform your bathroom into a spa. They are self-contained in a shower enclosure, with no tubs.

These showers create a humid environment by generating hot steam and much less water than a traditional shower. In a way, steam showers mimic the environment of a steam room.

A 30-minute steam shower uses only two gallons of water, for example, compared to a regular shower, which uses two or more gallons per minute.

Many of these showers also come with extra functionality to make your experience more spa-like, including hydrotherapy massage jets, colored lighting, aromatherapy and music. If you’re interested in these finishing touches or automation features, consider buying a smart steam shower.

How Do They Work?

Steam showers use a steam generator to generate humidifying steam, instead of hot water like a traditional shower. Most steam showers come with digital controls that allow you to switch the steam on and off.

When switched on, the shower triggers an electric valve to fill the steam generator with cold water. The generator boils the water and sends it to a steam head. This steam head then fills the shower with the steam generated.

Because steam showers are self-contained, there’s no risk of creating dangerously humid conditions in your bathroom and creating mold.

What are the Benefits?


Using a traditional shower uses a lot of water, which is neither good for the health of your planet nor for your energy bills. If you enjoy spending half an hour in the shower, but are worried about its effect on the environment, a steam shower could be a great compromise.

You can still enjoy your long, relaxing, spa-like showers without worrying as much about harming the planet by using too much water.

Great for Your Health

Can a shower really make you healthier?

In the case of a steam shower, the answer is yes!

You may have held your head over a bowl of boiling water to use the steam for congestion relief or healthy skin. It works much the same way. Steam rooms are popular because of the positive impact they have on your body, and they provide a similar function.

Steam, for example, opens the pores of your skin, allowing you to rinse away dirt and dead skin and reduce your chances of developing acne.

Steam showers can also improve circulation, improving cardiovascular health, especially in older people. The better your blood flow, the more easily you can transport oxygen around your body.

Then there are the mental health benefits. Just like a soak in the suds, a steam shower can provide us with some much-needed stress relief at the end of a busy day or week.

Excellent for Workout Recovery

Have you ever had a relaxing soak in the bubbles after a workout to soothe your muscles? Steam showers offer this experience X10.

It performs the role of a muscle relaxer by providing your body with moist heat, which has been shown to preserve muscle strength and reduce pain.

What is the Best Steam Shower?

There’s no one best steam shower on the market - it’s mostly down to personal preference. If you want to create a truly unique experience, consider purchasing one with added extras, such as music and party lighting.

Some of the most popular producers of these include Amerec, EliteSteam, Kohler and Mr. Steam.

Before looking for your perfect steam shower, consider your budget for the product and installation. Remember that your shower enclosure is airtight to avoid moisture escaping into your bathroom and causing mold.

If in doubt about how to properly install one, consult a professional. And last but not least - happy showering!