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The Benefits of A Salt-Free Water Softener For Your Home Appliances

A Cleaner Version For Your Home

Are you looking for an affordable and effective home water system that will prevent limescale and reduce water waste? Good news - you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you’ll discover exactly what a salt-free water softener is and learn about the benefits of installing one in your home. If you’re ready to upgrade your water system and make it fit for the future, read on now.

What Is A Salt-Free Water Softener?

Salt-free water softeners, also known as salt-free water conditioners or salt-free water systems, are automated systems designed to reduce limescale in your water supply. These conditioners successfully retain important minerals in your water but prevent those minerals from creating limescale. Limescale buildup is bad for your health and leaves home appliances like sinks, washing machines and dishwashers looking dirty.

Salt-based water conditioner systems, in contrast to salt-free water softener systems, work differently. They remove minerals from your supply, which can affect the quality of the water you drink and use in daily chores like cleaning dishes and washing clothes. This makes salt-free water softener systems the best choice, perfectly balancing the need to retain minerals but reduce limescale.

Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softeners

The increasing popularity of salt free water softeners like NuvoH20 is easy to understand. That’s because these systems have many great benefits that you’ll love. They keep water tasting great while reducing limescale and water waste. Let’s explore these in turn alongside other benefits.

Removes Limescale

The main reason to invest in a salt-free water softener system is that it will effectively reduce limescale. You can experience an up to 99.9% reduction in limescale buildup, preventing the need to buy limescale cleaner and keeping the water cleaner for longer. This limescale reduction will be noticeable on many of your fixtures and fittings, including pipes, taps and other metal objects on your appliances.

Despite the benefit of limescale removal, these systems don’t remove the minerals in your water that are beneficial to the health of you and your family. Only salt-free water softeners can reduce limescale without removing minerals.

Unchanged Water Taste and Texture

Water softener or conditioner systems are completely salt-free, meaning that your water will retain its taste and texture. When salt mixes with water, it can change the texture and taste - which you want to avoid. Salt-free water conditioners ensure that salt never enters your water supply, keeping your drinks tasting delicious and smooth.

Low-Sodium and Low-Salt

As well as ensuring that water tastes great, salt-free water solutions are ideal for those who are following low-sodium or low-salt diets. That’s because these automated systems don’t add either to the water supply.

Decreasing the levels of salt in your diet is important for healthy living as too much of it can increase your blood pressure and put you at a higher risk of developing heart disease. The reduction of salt in the water can also free your skin from irritation and leave your appliances working for longer.

Best System For All US States

Some US states have banned the installation of salt-based water systems, citing water waste as the key reason for doing so. Fortunately, salt-free water conditioners are permitted because they waste substantially less water than their counterparts.

Good For The Environment

Salt-based water systems are notorious for wasting gallons of water every day. That’s why states, including Texas and Wisconsin, have banned their use in homes and businesses. Salt-free water softener systems waste much less water than salt-based ones - helping the planet and saving you money on your water bill.

The salt-based systems have a second environmental problem - that of leaking salt into rivers. That salt can also reach oceans, hurting or killing animal and plant life. For these reasons, salt-free water softener and conditioner systems are best.

Easy To Maintain

Salt-free water softeners automatically know when to clean your water, meaning that there’s no need for manual work after setup. Being automated means that you won’t have to think about anything, just use and drink water as usual.

While you won’t need to top up tanks or check in regularly on the system, you will need to change the sediment pre-filter a few times a year.

Customer Support

Many salt-free water softener companies offer customer service support all year round, so you’re never far away from help and advice when you need it. This takes away the stress of a new system and acts as a great reminder that in those rare instances when installation and use don’t run smoothly, someone is on hand to assist you.