Online Defensive Driving Courses

The Best Online Defensive Driving Courses

Take the Stress out of Driving

The roads can be a deadly place in today's society. With so many accidents and collisions happening, it is crucial to know how to avoid these incidents so you can get to your destination safely.

It is common to come across reckless drivers or people with serious road rage; therefore, it is essential to know how to drive correctly and in a defensive manner for your own safety. This article will discuss the best online defensive driving courses and how to become a defensive driver.

What is Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is the technique of knowing how to avoid collisions and how to drive on the roads safely. The method teaches you to be aware of your surroundings and prepares you for any incident that can happen while on the road.

Even though you may be a sharp person while driving and can anticipate other drivers' actions, you can always improve your driving technique to ensure your safety on the road.

Why You Should Take An Online Driving Course

An online course in defensive driving can teach you defensive driving skills, so the signs of hazards and how to deal with them are second nature. Below is a list of some techniques you may learn in these courses.

  • Rapid identification of hazards on the road.
  • How to apply defensive techniques while driving.
  • How a trailer can affect the handling of the vehicle.
  • Understanding the physics behind the car when you accelerate, brake, take a corner, and the limitations of the car grip.
  • The risks of operating a vehicle while under the influence of being tired, drugs, and alcohol.
  • It improves your techniques for scanning your view and increases your visibility when driving.
  • Going over the basic driver safety as a recap for drivers.

These are some techniques that should be listed when searching for a defensive driving course online and what you may learn from these courses. It is also essential to find a course that is state approved as you don’t want to learn techniques that may not be allowed or necessary to the state you live in.

What Kind Of Courses Are There

There are many different types of courses that range in various fields of driving, so you only learn techniques necessary for your application. Below is a list of some course names and what topics they focus on.

  • Safety Equipment: Accidents that happen on our roads can be less fatal if drivers/passengers wear their safety equipment like a seatbelt, have a car with functioning airbags, have their children in car seats, and other safety equipment. These courses teach people the best way to keep safe while on the road.
  • State Traffic Laws: If you have recently relocated to a new state or need a refresher on the state traffic laws, these courses can offer you knowledge of traffic laws in your area. Knowing your state traffic laws can ensure you won't get fined or arrested for doing something illegal while driving.
  • The Human Factor: Drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence of either alcohol, drugs, or any narcotic can be a danger to themselves and others on the road. It is imperative to know how to avoid driving under the influence and the risks it can impose on people who do it.

What Company Offers The Best Courses

Each company offers unique takes on each course, with some being easier than others. The best idea is to go through each site and see what they offer and the cost. We have compiled a list of some great companies and the courses they offer, so you don’t need to search for them.

1. IDriveSafely

IDriveSafely is one of the oldest providers of online courses catered to defensive driving. Here are some examples of the courses they offer and the costs.

  • For $39.95, you can take the Texas defensive driving course. This course is state-approved for all Texas traffic courts and is excellent as it helps you learn how not to get a ticket.
  • The New York Defensive Driving Course Online is a Driver training course that will allow you to get up to four points reduced from your license and a mandatory 10% off your car insurance. The course costs $48.95 and is New York DMV-approved.
  • The Michigan Online Basic Driver Improvement Course costs only $39.00, fulfills court-ordered driving school orders, and only takes one day. This course is used to help state residents combat penalty point build-up and increased insurance costs.

2. Approved Course Defensive Driving

 Compared to other online courses, Approved Course Defensive Driving offers its clients more bang for their buck. Besides offering a driving defense course online, they also give out information on what to expect while on the road.

The company is the middleman when it comes to these courses, as the courses can be found on one site, and prices can vary depending on what you take. The average price is around $35 per course and involves online video instructions and notes on how to improve. The courses offered also can lower your insurance or reduce any penalty points you may have.


The high-quality courses offered by are elaborate and offer in-depth guides and tutorials. You can also be quizzed on what you have learned to ensure you understand the course material. Below are a few courses the company offers and the prices.