fix slow internet

How to Fix Slow Internet

Get Back to the High Speeds You Need

We all hate it when we try to use the internet and the connection is slow. Whether you are trying to load up your favorite show on Netflix or trying to load up an email for work, it can be frustrating.

As the connectivity drops, the bandwidth allocation is limited; therefore, your connection to the site takes longer to load. It's time to fix slow internet!

Slow connections can also affect your gaming experience; with slower internet, the game server takes longer to load you in. The longer the load time, the bigger your ping. When your ping is high, the game almost becomes unplayable as you need to load in faster.

In the article below, we will discuss ways to speed up your connection so you can go back to enjoying your time using the internet.

1. Check your Speed

Before you rush into buying or calling someone out to repair your internet connection, it is best to run a speed test first. The reason to test the internet speed is to ensure that the speed you are experiencing matches the allocated speed your internet package provider gives you.

You can use many different sites to test your internet's speed, such as Ookla or; even Google provides a free speed test for you to use. If your internet speed matches your package details, you may need to upgrade your package. If the internet doesn’t match your package speed, then you may need to figure out what is causing your internet to be slow.

Service Provider May Be Throttling You

One reason your internet might be slow is that your service provider is throttling you. Your internet package may be unlimited, but you might have a fair usage policy that can slow your internet down once you have reached a certain usage. Many providers implement this policy into their deals to ensure you refrain from using the bandwidth excessively.

Many internet providers implement fair usage policies because it stops certain clients from hogging the bandwidth and slowing everyone else down. If you have exceeded your limit, your speed will be cut, and you must either wait till the next month or upgrade your package.

2. Reboot the Router

Before you start shouting at your internet provider that their service sucks, do the old “have you turned it off and on again special.” Turning it off and on again allows the system to reboot and refresh the connection. Do this to your computer and router to ensure that both systems have been reset.

The reason to reboot the router and computer is that sometimes the software or hardware can have a slight glitch caused by a micropower surge or many other things. The reboot allows the router to go back to factory spec and resets the system so it can function correctly.

3. Turn Off Bandwidth Hogging Apps

To fix slow internet, ensure you are not downloading or updating any software or program; this can hog your bandwidth speed and slow down the rest of the internet. If you are on a website, avoid loading videos in the background, as this may also slow your internet.

Switching your browser can also speed up your internet; some browsers are inherently slow, so they make your internet connection seem sluggish. File-synching apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox can also hog your bandwidth as they constantly back up data to the cloud. You can turn off these cloud-synching apps.

You can also limit your download speed when it runs in the background. Gaming software like Steam allows you to set a download speed limit, ensuring that the download doesn’t hog your speed.

4. Time to Upgrade

Your router may be too old or damaged; this is a sign you may need to upgrade the router. Over time your system can also become outdated, like a computer or anything electronic. As newer systems are added, your old router can’t keep up with the latest specs.

If your internet line is rated for 500mbs, ensure your router can handle those speeds. You will be wasting money and internet speed if you don’t have a fast enough router.

5. Work More Efficiently

To fix slow internet, you may need to work efficiently. If you can’t change your internet provider or upgrade your router, it may be advisable to work smarter to ensure that no other programs are hogging the internet when you need the speed.

If you live with other people and work from home, create a schedule so that when you need the internet for work, no one may use it and slow the internet speed.

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