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The 3 Best Employee Training Software

Make Your Orientation Goals Easier to Achieve

Many jobs require employees to be trained or know how to work a particular system/program. That is where employee training software comes into the picture.

With your company's staff correctly trained and all of them having the same training, the productivity of your business can improve as everyone knows how the business runs or how a system works. Think of it like military training. Everyone goes through basic training before the soldiers pick what field of expertise to specialize in. The employee training software can do the same for your business.

Here are the three best employee training programs and how they can improve your staff's efficiency and understanding of the company.


Alemira is a virtual lab that offers an integrated environment that focuses on building and training businesses and educational institutions.

The company provides hands-on live training sessions for employees that can help train them to be better at handling different situations that happen in the workplace.

The company offers customers multiple courses, including education administration platforms that help educators streamline their admin to create a better workflow. Alemira also offers a science management platform that allows researchers to collaborate effectively in an ever-changing work environment and world.

The Pros of Using Alemira

The Alemira programs offer their learners a unique package, as each course can be tailor-made to the customer's needs and wants. The Alemira program has a comprehensive interface and engages with the learners allowing a hands-on approach to teaching people correctly, thus allowing the Alemira platform to work flawlessly. The pricing model of the Alemira platform is also exceptional.

The Cons of Using Alemira

As Alemira is still a new program, the risk of using something that isn't tried and tested can be considered to be a con. The administration side of Alemira needs more work as well.

Reason to Pick Alemira

Alemira is an excellent choice because of the exceptional pricing, the speed of its software, and the all-in-one integration of its platform.


GoBrunch is a virtual training platform that teaches employees face-to-face communication skills. GoBrunch is suitable for virtual offices and workspaces. The platform requires no installation and offers customized virtual events, the ability to share your screen, and many more cool features.

GoBrunch is also the perfect alternative for Zoom, Discord, or Skype. The platform is easy to understand and allows users to interact easily.

The Pros of GoBrunch

The company does offer a free version for people to use; it doesn’t have all the features, but it is free and works well. The sound and video quality are at an exceptional level, and transmissions of the videos don’t break up or suddenly stop.

The Cons of GoBrunch

The platform does not have a recording function implemented as of writing this article. The mobile phone version is a little too small, so the buttons on the screen don't function as well.

The Pricing of GoBrunch

There are four different versions of GoBrunch:

  • A free version that allows video conferences.
  • The Gourmet GoBrunch version starts at $9.99 and allows users to use more features like logos, Youtube videos, and more.
  • The Prime Chef version starts at $29.99 and allows you to customize backgrounds, have up to 409 people on a call, and assign multiple organizers.
  • The Enterprise version gives you a custom sub-domain and allows you to create sub-accounts.

Reasons to pick GoBrunch

As the platform can be used freely, this is one of its biggest draws for customers. The priced versions also offer a lot for the relatively low cost.


TalentCards is a mobile learning app that allows many people to use their platform with its easy accessibility. The app was designed for employees who don't work at desks and are always on the move.

The program allows you to create microlearning courses that include videos, pictures, links, and audio, allowing you to create an engaging training course.

The Pros of TalentCards

The platform's visuals create a well-designed, fun, and engaging app. As it is mobile-based, the ease of access to training is also a big win. The embedded URL and audio platforms help create a smooth learning experience while providing a variation on how the course can be made.

The Cons of TalentCards

The administration side of the app isn't well developed and leaves many people wanting more.


The starting price is $50 a month; there is also a free trial and free version available.

Reasons to get TalentCards

The unique and engaging platform allows for better course materials, and its mobile device optimization is a big plus.

With the employee training software mentioned above, we hope you have an easy and smooth transition.

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