Employee Monitoring Software

The Top 5 Employee Monitoring Software

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What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Employee Monitoring Software is a system that allows employers to monitor their employees’ computer activity. Through this software, employers can monitor things like employee productivity, websites visited, passwords entered, searches, keystrokes, and more.

Employee monitoring software is often used to keep employee productivity high and maintain a safe work environment. If you’re curious about this software or are looking to implement an employee monitoring software for your own business, check out the five best employee monitoring software here:

1. Insightful

Insightful (formally known as Workpuls) is an employee monitoring software that can monitor employee computer activity either remotely or onsite. According to their website, the top features of their software include computer activity tracking, screenshots (set up either periodically or by a set of rules), basic time tracking, and automatic attendance tracking.

Another popular feature is their “stealth mode,” where employees can’t see themselves being tracked. However, on employee-owned computers, Insightful only allows “visible mode,” which allows employees to see that they are being tracked once logged in, allowing increased employee privacy.

Their most basic plan (which includes all the above features and more) starts at $6.40 monthly per employee. They have three higher-level plans with additional features, topping out with their most expensive plan, the Enterprise,” which costs $14.40 monthly per employee. Some of the additional features include audit logs, 24/7 phone support, and role-based access.


Clockify is an employee monitor software that prides itself on being a 100% free tracking software. Clockify can be used onsite and offsite and can be accessed through any computer or mobile device. Clockify’s main features are its time tracker, activity reporting, and scheduling.

While all these features (and more) come with Clockify’s free Basic Plan, Clockify does have three paid plan options: The Standard, The Pro, and the Enterprise. The Enterprise’s best additional features include higher data security, audits of changes, and ensured security compliance.

Clockify is a popular employee activity monitoring software due not only to its free version but also to its user-friendly software, GPS tracking, cloud-based features, and employee calendar. Clockify’s Enterprise plan, which boasts all additional features, costs $11.99 monthly per employee.


Hubstaff is a remote employee monitoring software that comes up frequently on employee monitoring software lists and prides itself on protecting employees’ rights. Hubstaff’s employee tracking tool only tracks employees’ time and activity while the employee is actively working on a timer. Through their software tools, they collect activity levels, website and app usage, screenshots, timesheets, and more.

Achievement badges can be set up through this software, which shows Hubstaff’s focus on employee satisfaction. Hubstaff offers three different levels of plans: Hubstaff Time, Hubstaff Desk, and Hubstaff Field. Hubstaff Time is the most basic level, offering reporting and simple time tracking, while Hubstaff Field is the most advanced, offering team management and GPS location tracking. There are various plans within these levels.

Hubstaff offers a free option at the first two levels that include timesheets, time tracking, basic reports, and simple payments for one employee. Their most expensive and advanced option (besides their customized option) is the Desk Field option under the Hubstaff Field level, which includes two employees and more advanced features (like unlimited screenshots, URL tracking, and idle timeouts); this costs $15 monthly per employee.


Connecteam is a remote employee monitoring software designed for “deskless employees.” Connecteam features an employee time clock app, GPS tracking, employee absence management, messaging, and more. Connecteam is popular because it is easy to use and is compatible with various devices.

Because Connecteam was designed for the mobile workforce, it doesn’t have all the features of some other employee monitor software, such as screen capturing and software tracking.

However, Connecteam comes at a very affordable price, with various plans offered. Their Small Business Plan, which supports up to 10 users, is free and includes all the essential features. Their most popular plan is the Operations Advanced, including additional features such as auto clock out, timesheet lock days, and smart groups and costs $49 per month for up to 30 users.


ActivTrak is another employee monitoring software company that focuses on employee empowerment. They boast about providing “insight vs. oversight” and are proud to not give access to employee keystrokes, cameras, emails, personal devices, or videos.

However, they provide time tracking, risk management services, productivity insights, and activity reporting. ActivTrak is a popular choice because it produces analytical reports that provide employers with information on productivity and efficiency and has an easy-to-use interface.

ActivTrak offers four different plans. The first plan is free, allows up to three users, and includes all the basic features like productivity reports, activity dashboards, and top applications report. ActivTrak’s Premium Plan, advertised as their best-value plan, offers advanced features, such as work efficiency and focus reports, burnout risk reports, and team benchmarks, and costs $17 monthly per user.