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How to Choose the Right Food for Your Dog

Happy, Healthy Dogs

Pet parents are responsible for their dog’s health. You can have dog food delivered right to your home, which makes things easier. Whether they eat raw or dry food, you're responsible for their diet.

In this article, we're looking at different dog food brands so you can make an informed decision about your dog's diet.

Top 8 Dog Food Brands for 2023

Dog food falls into two simple categories: dry and wet. Here's an overview of the top choices of canine food.

1. Stella & Chewy's Dog Food

Stella & Chewy's is a popular brand of dog food that offers a wide range of raw and freeze-dried food options for dogs. Their recipes are made with high-quality, natural ingredients and are free from fillers, preservatives and artificial flavors. Stella & Chewy's dog food is designed to provide a balanced and nutritious diet for dogs of all ages and sizes, and their products have received positive reviews from many dog owners and veterinarians alike.

2. Merrick Grain Free Recipe

This is a brand that is perhaps recognized and loved by every dog owner. While this product line can be somewhat expensive, you can’t put a price on the good health of your pet. Almost every product of this dry dog food includes an excellent proportion of carbs, fats and proteins, as well as minerals and vitamins to keep a dog healthy.

Also, the Merrick Grain Free product line can tend to every need of a dog, meeting the standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

3. Wellness Core Dog Food

This brand also comes across as a luxury product for pets. The ingredients in this dry dog food brand are close to exquisite, and provide a perfect balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates. One distinct feature of the Wellness Core Dog Food is the presence of chelated minerals, which help to absorb the protein molecules.

As you should already know, protein is the main source of vigor and energy for a pet, which makes any food with chelated minerals an appreciated addition to the ration.

4. Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food

The majority of this brand's products are intended for all ages and breeds of dogs, even though the amount of fat in this dry food can be arguable, especially together with protein levels. Being an above-average dog food recipe, Nature’s Variety Instinct Dog Food has only the finest natural components with vitamins and minerals for a shiny coat and the perfect health for your dog.

5. Earthborn Holistic Natural Food

This dry food is suitable for dogs that are prone to increased body mass, as it will help maintain the healthy weight of your pet and contributes to a healthy and happy life. Moreover, the Earthborn Holistic Natural Food recipe lives up to its name, including a broad variety of diet meat, fruits, veggies and wholesome grains.

Consult with your vet before considering this brand for a regular ration, as it contains L-carnitine and should be bought only for overweight pets.

6. Taste of the Wild Dog Food

This dog food brand is the most low-priced one on our list, which does not mean it should be overlooked. The most noticeable feature of this recipe is that it is wet, containing natural broth and lots of protein for a healthy lifestyle for a dog.

Considering the cost and quality ratio, this brand might be one of the best dog foods on the market today. Your pup will definitely feel the taste of wild nature, plus vitamins!

7. EVO Small Bites & Big Bites Dry Dog Food

This brand is new to the world of dog food, yet it's already captured the hearts of dog owners who prefer dry food to canned meals. Protein constitutes around 75% of the formula, and the rest is vegetables, fruits and fatty acids. In addition, EVO Dry Dog Food takes the size of your domestic carnivore into the consideration, offering small and big bites of their delicious product.

8. Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food

This brand may not be able to compete with the luxury brands of dog food that are introduced here, however, Canidae Dog Food is the best representative of reasonably priced products. It's also highly recommended for dogs who suffer from digestive problems.

By using a very basic and simple formula, this brand guarantees only essential rations for your dog that are high in proteins and microelements.

Basic Nutrients for a Dog

Before diving deep into the variety of existing dog food, you have to learn about the fundamental constituents of a healthy diet for your four-legged friend. These are, surprisingly enough, the same as in a healthy human diet: carbs, fat and protein.

However, dogs of different breeds, ages and overall health statuses need different proportions of these macronutrients to keep them healthy and happy. Dogs, unlike felines, do not need a strict carnivore diet, so the proportions of carbs, fat and protein can be adjusted by adding vegetables, grains and dairy to their ration.

Try avoiding an obvious imbalance between these macronutrients, especially if you do not give your dog any dietary supplements that would counterbalance the lack of any element in their ration.

In Conclusion

There is no universal best brand of dog food that will suit every breed, just as there is no universal vitamin pill that will be a perfect supplement to a healthy diet for a pet. Nonetheless, certain brands of dog food are certainly better and healthier than others.