Save Money With DIY Projects

Are you wondering how you can refresh your living space without breaking the bank? Then you’re in luck because we’ve put together the best DIY home décor ideas and how to do them!

From macramé wall hangings to fairy lights photo walls, there’s a whole bunch of cost-effective ways to brighten up your home. The best part? You’ll actually enjoy doing them, too. Keen to get stuck in? Let’s take a look… Happy decorating!

1. General Home & Patio Furniture Decoration

The living room and patio are two areas of the home that are often used for relaxation and entertainment, and therefore it is important to decorate them in a way that creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. In the living room, furniture such as a comfortable sofa, armchair and coffee table can be complemented by decorative items like throw pillows, rugs and wall art. In the patio area, outdoor furniture such as chairs, tables and loungers can be decorated with cushions, outdoor rugs and potted plants to create a cozy outdoor oasis.

The color scheme, lighting and overall design of both the living room and patio furniture should be chosen to reflect the style and personality of the homeowner, while also creating a space that is functional and welcoming for guests.

2. Basket Wall Art

You might have seen this look across the socials and in various magazines, and we’re here for it. Basket wall art is a no-frills easy-to-do DIY home décor that can take your wall from zero to design hero in a matter of minutes. Hot tip: ensure you get various colors and shapes to achieve a really eccentric look.

Materials: 5-10 baskets in various sizes and colors, nails and a hammer

Estimated Cost: $50 (depending on individual basket prices)

The inspiration for the basket wall art.

3. Fairy Light Photo Wall

Stop wasting money on endlessly repetitive photo frames and opt for a photo wall instead. Serving as a two-in-one with lights and photos, this super easy DIY home décor idea is one for all ages. Simply choose a selection of your favorite photos (ideally already printed) and your preferred wall, hang up your rows of fairy lights and clip on your pics with a handful of pegs until you’re happy with the overall finish.

Materials: Your pre-printed photos/polaroid photos, 100 LED fairy lights and mini pegs

Estimated Cost: $30 (not including photos)

The inspiration for the fairy light photo wall.

4. Homemade Candles

If you’re looking for ways to save money with cheap and cheerful DIY home décor ideas, making your own candle could be a great option for you. Especially when it comes in a handy upcycled candle-making kit from a local business on Etsy. This kit includes everything you could possibly need to make your own candles, and the scents are simply gorgeous. Light them up and enjoy your newly created candles in peace and patchouli.

Materials: Upcycle DIY candle-making kit from Etsy

Estimated Cost: $15

The inspiration for the homemade candles.

5. Rope-Covered Mirror

Choose an old mirror in your home that desperately wants a refresh and give it some awesome rope detailing. Simply cover your mirror’s frame in manila rope and glue it down in rows as your wrap it around. You can add more details with different styles of rope – if you’re feeling creative. It’s a super easy way to breathe life into an old piece and instantly elevate your space. What’s more to love, hey?

Materials: Old mirror, manila rope and a glue gun

Estimated Cost: $20

The inspiration for the rope-covered mirror.

6. Cane Webbing Shelf

If your home office is in need of a serious update, these cane webbing shelves could solve that problem for you. Not only are they super cute, but they also are a pleasure to make and will be hung on that empty wall in no time. Trim a piece of cane that's just larger than the opening of your shelf and use a foam brush (or any equivalent you have at hand) to spread the glue onto the back of the shelf opening. Attach the cane, clip it in place and wait for it to dry before hanging it on your wall. Decorate as you please, and it’s good to go!

Materials: Wooden shelf, cane webbing, tacky glue, nails and a hammer

Estimated Cost: $30 (price can vary depending on cane)

The inspiration for the cane webbing shelf.

7. Macramé Wall Hanging

Boho DIY home décor has been all the rage for the past few years, and it looks like it’s here to stay. From rattan lamps to feather bouquets, it’s an effortless style with maximum impact. And that’s why we absolutely love this macramé wall hanging kit from Etsy. For a little over $30, you’ll get a full kit with instructions on how to make your very first macramé masterpiece. What’s not included? Choosing your ideal place to hang it – but we’re sure you’ve got that part covered.

Materials: DIY Boho Macramé Wall Hanging Kit from Etsy

Estimated Cost: $33

The inspiration for macramé wall hanging.

8. Jute Rope Basket

Got some unsightly plant pots that need covering up? Try out a DIY rope basket. Coil Jute rope into a mat, gluing the rope together as you work through it. Once you have the mat formed, start working upwards and glue the rope onto itself to create the full basket. Stick your plant inside, and you’ve got a brand-new basket to match the rest of your awesome DIY home décor!

Materials: Jute rope, glue gun

Estimated Cost: $20

The inspiration for the jute rope basket.