Cooling Bed Sheets

The Best Cooling Bed Sheets For A Relaxed Sleep

A Refreshing Sleep is Waiting For You

Hot sleepers suffer no more. End the long nights of tossing and turning, waking from dreams of lava and fire, and rest easy on the best cooling bed sheets available.

Without further ado, here are some of the best sheets that will keep you cool at night:

Comfort Spaces Coolmax Moisture-Wicking Sheets

The Coolmax fabric formula from Comfort Spaces combines with microfiber for a cooling, moisture-wicking sheet perfect for hot sleepers and those prone to night sweats.


Cost-effective: At just $24.99 on Amazon, the Comfort Spaces Coolmax sheet set gives you maximum bang for your minimum buck.

Moisture-wicking: By wicking away moisture and spreading it throughout the fabric, these sheets allow for faster evaporation, keeping hot sleepers cool and dry even in warm weather.

Lightweight: Compared to cotton, the proprietary blend of Coolmax fabric and microfiber is more lightweight, keeping you cool and feeling less oppressive in warm weather.


Low thread count: These sheets offer cooling technology at a low price, but if buyers care about thread count, they may look elsewhere. Comfort Spaces Coolmax sheets only offer a 180-thread count.

Wrinkling: According to some reviews, these sheets wrinkle easily.

Available to buy on Amazon!

Brooklinen Classic Percale Sheets

Brooklinen’s Classic Percale sheets offer one of the simplest, most tried-and-true designs for cooling sheets.


Lightness: The percale weave is one of the best options for hot sleepers. This over-under weave leaves plenty of breathing room, giving the sheets an airy, light feel.

Durability: These Brooklinen percale-weave sheets use long-staple cotton, which offers more durability and softness than those made with shorter fibers.


Thread count: At 270, the thread count of these sheets might be a bit low to justify the cost.

Cost: At upwards of $100 for a basic set of sheets, the high quality of Brooklinen requires something of an investment.

Needs a few washes: While the material will keep sleepers cool from the get-go, it may take a few washes to get these sheets to their maximum softness.

Available to buy on Brooklinen!

Luxome Luxury Cooling sheets

This high thread-count, silky bamboo sheet offers some of the highest luxuries to hot sleepers looking for the best cooling bed sheets.


Soft and light: Made from high-quality viscose from bamboo, this sateen weave has a silky, perpetually cool feel. At 400CT, they have a sufficient thread count to maximize the natural benefits of the material.

Sustainable: Made from chemical and pesticide-free bamboo, a perpetually renewing resource, these sheets are ethically sourced and guilt-free.


Sateen weave: Sateen weave, though similar to percale, tends to be slightly less cooling and airy.

Cost: These sheets are high luxury with a matching cost.

Wrinkles: Some customers report that these sheets show noticeable wrinkles and stains.

Available to buy from Luxome!

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Sheets

Much like the Luxome Luxury Cooling sheets, Eucalyptus Sheets are ethically sourced from trees – in this case, eucalyptus trees.


Softness: Reviewers agree that these are some of the softest sheets they’ve ever felt.

Sustainability: Sheets & Giggles sources their eucalyptus from sustainable farms, using less energy and water than competitors like cotton. They are also made locally in Denver, supporting the local economy.

Cost: At $69.95, Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus sheets offer a good balance between budget and luxury.


Fit: Some reviewers report issues with elasticity and fit, so these sheets might not be ideal for pillow-top beds and similar.

Needs a few washes: Like many other materials, these Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric sheets may require a few washes to reach their softness potential.

Puns: Beginning with their company name, the Sheets & Giggles website is chock-full of terrible puns.

Available to buy from Sheets & Giggles.

Slumber Cloud Essential Cotton sheets 

While innovations in sheet materials have made significant headway, never count out the tried-and-true: cotton.


Durability: Cotton, by and large, offers more durability and longevity than any of its competitors. 

Versatility: Slumber Cloud’s Outlast technology doesn’t just keep you cool; it continuously regulates body temperature, storing heat when you get warm and releasing it as you cool down. That way, your sleep remains in an undisturbed balance year-round.

NASA-approved cooling technology: Crazy as it sounds, Slumber Cloud’s Outlast cooling technology is approved by NASA.


Cost: At upwards of $200 for a set, these sheets are approaching the priciest cooling bed sheet options.

Sateen weave: Sateen tends to be slightly less naturally cooling than a percale weave, though this may be counterbalanced by other factors.
Available to buy from Slumber Cloud.

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