Bluetooth Hearing Aids

The Top 6 Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Opening Up a World of Possibilities

About 28.8 million American adults require hearing aids. With technology continually improving, Bluetooth hearing aids are better than ever before. So, if you’re considering hearing aids with Bluetooth, check out our list below.

We list the top wireless hearing aids, their pros and cons, their price point, who their best for, and much more, helping you make the best choice for you and your life.

6 of the Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Surprisingly, the first hearing aids with Bluetooth hit the market in 2005. While workable, it’s safe to say these hearing aids with Bluetooth weren’t entirely up to par when compared to options today. Furthermore, the most you could do with these Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids was take phone calls with them.

Meanwhile, modern hearing aids have plenty of features, including taking phone calls, listening to podcasts and music, and connecting to phone apps for easy controls. So, which ones should you consider?

1. Phonak Audeo Paradise

Price: Starting at $2,798.

The Phonak Audeo Paradise tops many lists when it comes to the best hearing aids, and for a good reason! With a rechargeable battery that lasts five or more hours, these hearing aids allow you to block out background noise, take phone calls, stream music, and more!

While the price tag might throw you off at first, these hearing aids are actually the more affordable option for ones with Bluetooth (and very comparable to other ones on the market). They are also waterproof and come in many different colors. These hearing aids are further suitable for individuals with mild to severe hearing loss.

2. Starkey Evolv AI

Price: Starting at $2,998.

Starkey is the fifth biggest hearing aid manufacturer. On top of having Bluetooth for their hearing aids, they are invisible as well. It even has a Fitbit activity tracker feature, background noise suppression, alerts, reminders, and much more.

This is another pair of hearing aids that works well for those with mild to severe hearing loss. This company even has options for those with very little hearing or almost no hearing.

3. Oticon More

Price: Starting at $2,698.

Oticon More is made by a company with over 100 years in the industry. These hearing aids with Bluetooth are well-known for promoting speech understanding, as well as for the way they produce a “natural” and almost “360-degree” sound. This is another pair of hearing aids with Bluetooth that also goes to great lengths to deter background sound from interfering with hearing and speech.

It also has a full-day battery life, an app suitable for those looking to eliminate tinnitus, and features “deep neural network” technology.

4. Signia Insio Charge&Go AX

Price: Starting at $2,401.

Suitable for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, Signia creates incredible sound quality, and like other hearing aids with Bluetooth, it offers remote controls. The interesting part about Signia’s remote controls is that you don’t actually need a smartphone to customize them. Instead, these hearing aids come with a MiniPocket remote control, giving those who are less tech-savvy among us an easy option.

And get this: it even has a “face mask” mode, meaning it’s easy to use even with muffled voices coming from beneath a face mask. These hearing aids are further custom fit to the user’s ear, so if you’re looking for comfort, these might be up there!

5. Resound One Hearing Aids

Price: Starting at $2,843.

Resound One offers hearing aids with Bluetooth, again marketing the idea of a “natural sound.” This is because this hearing aid actually includes a microphone within the hearing aid itself and in the ear itself. The idea is that this design captures sound more naturally due to its ability to mimic the natural shape of a person’s ear.

This type of Bluetooth hearing aid is great for those with mild hearing loss and who have difficulty hearing “soft” sounds.

6. Widex Hearing Aids

Price: Requires inquiry with Widex.

Widex’s Bluetooth hearing aids have AI learning technology, no sound delay, direct streaming with Bluetooth, and rechargeable batteries. They are water-resistant, meaning you won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. However, the major downside to these hearing aids is that they need to be obtained via a Widex provider (who will then provide a price quote as well).

Yet, this is another Bluetooth hearing aid boosting incredible sound quality and the ability to chat on the phone, listen to music, catch up on podcasts, and more! These hearing aids are further best for those with moderate to severe hearing loss.

If you require Bluetooth for hearing aids, look no further than our top list above. From there, you can check for providers in your local area or discuss your options with your doctor.