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Luxury in the Wild: Africa’s Best Safari Tours

The 5 Best Luxury African Safari Tours

Every year, more than 30 million tourists visit Africa, and many of them go on safaris. A safari is a chance to explore Africa outside of the cities and resorts, often giving people the opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitat.

However, the quality of safaris can be different. If you want an amazing experience, choosing a luxury African safari tour is often the best option. These tours usually offer more and can meet high expectations. If you’re looking for the perfect trip, here are the five best luxury African safari tours.

1. Micato Safaris

Micato Safaris have been exploring the African savannahs for over six decades. In that time, they have asserted themselves as one of the best luxury African safari tours out there. They were even deemed #1 World’s Best Safari Outfitter by Travel+Leisure for a record-breaking tenth time in the magazine’s annual survey.

Reviews suggest that the company is best known for their knowledgeable staff, luxurious amenities, well-curated itineraries and more. Plus, Micato is a family-owned company, which adds a personal touch to their tours. The company was founded by Felix and Jane Pinto and is still run by their family. This personal investment often translates into exceptional care for guests and meticulous attention to detail.

2. Dazzle Africa

According to Dazzle Africa, they do things differently than most safaris do, offering what they call “The Modern Safari Experience.” In addition to giving exceptional safari experiences and wildlife encounters, they prioritize conservation, clean water projects, local educational opportunities and philanthropy.

This is a safari you can enjoy to the fullest–and feel good doing so. They are also known for offering exceptionally luxurious accommodations. Accommodations typically involve upscale lodges or tented camps that offer exceptional service and amenities, providing a relaxing environment in the heart of the African bush.

3. Adventures by Disney

Disney World isn’t only known for Mickey Mouse and rollercoasters. Offering guests a wildly unique experience, Adventures by Disney takes adventurers on the experience of a lifetime through firsthand encounters with the people, places and cultures of our amazing world. One of their most popular experiences is their African safari, with destinations such as Cape Town, Knysna and the Greater Kruger National Park area.

You can expect expert storytelling and guiding, family-friendly experiences, luxurious accommodations and so much more that make this one of the most enjoyable safari options out there. In addition to their top-rated safaris, Disney emphasizes local culture and conservation efforts. Guests may have opportunities to learn about local wildlife conservation projects and community initiatives, which adds a layer of educational value to the vacation.

4. Jacada

Jacada was founded in 2008 by Alex Malcolm. His goal was to show people the side of Africa that not everyone gets to see. In addition to offering stunning safari rides, firsthand interactions with wildlife and absolutely luxurious accommodations, Jacada puts a strong emphasis on responsible traveling and giving back. According to their website, a portion of their revenue goes towards supporting the conservation and rural economic development efforts of Wilderness Safaris who currently help to protect the land.

Furthermore, one of the standout features of Jacada commitment to fully customized travel experiences. They work closely with clients to design trips that align with individual interests and preferences, no matter what they’re interested in experiencing. It is a trip that you can truly make your own.

5. &Beyond

Founded in the early 1990s, &Beyond originally started as a conservation-focused company in South Africa and has since expanded across the continent and beyond. They are renowned for their commitment to sustainable tourism practices, luxury accommodations and exceptional guest experiences. Furthermore, their luxurious lodges range from four-star to five-star lodges.

Or, if you’re interested in an experience that is more in touch with nature, they also offer “Under Canvas” camping in locations chosen for their uniqueness in terms of ecosystem, wildlife and local culture. Recognizing that each traveler has unique interests, &Beyond designs personalized safari experiences. Whether guests are interested in photography, bird watching, or family-friendly activities, &Beyond tailors their itineraries to meet specific needs and preferences.

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